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Our Story


Grace has a long history in the unstitched premium quality fabric for men since 1985.

This legacy has paved the way for progress and excellence through cutting-edge industrial technology and a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals in the art of fabric manufacturing and design.

The fame Grace enjoys has been built over half a century of experience alongside a deep appreciation for the methods and skills that go towards producing superior quality products. Over the years, modern technology has been introduced into the process.

These have always been reflected in our elite fabric and its design, which has always been according to contemporary fashion and never stopped innovating.

Unstitched Fabrics

Grace is a pioneering name known for its best-quality fabric material at competitive prices. Through modernization and
using just the right mix of innovation, Grace has left its mark on the fashion industry and created new standards of quality in the market it caters to.

With a commitment to deliver nothing but the best, the brand specializes in a range of top-quality unstitched fabrics, including dyed and printed fabrics made of polyester, viscose (rayon), nylon, silk, cotton, and their blends.

The grandiosity and brilliance that Grace's unstitched fabric holds is the dream of every man. Give your personality the opulence and dignified look that it deserves and see your
personality evolve with time.


Grace specializes in a wide array of fabric quality, design, embroidery, color, and cut. It also combines tradition and modernity to give out an elegant and regal look.

Housing some of the most elite, fashionable, and top notch fabric, Grace has attracted many expert designers and professionals to be associated with it.

Our Mission

We have little understanding of the impact our work has on the environment and how to mitigate it. We aim to go green in next five years by shifting towards High technology eco friendly machinery which will help us save energy, reduce emissions and ensure sustainable use of resources.

We define this premium experience through
our product, our presentation, and our people